Oluwalu Cultural Reserve
Panorama of Olowalu worker
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 Olowalu Cultural Reserve was founded in 1999 as a community based, non-profit organization with the purpose of supporting and promoting the revitalization of traditional Hawaiian culture by providing cultural and educational experiences for Hawaii residents and visitors alike.  The centerpiece of this effort is the Olowalu Ahupua’a which consists of seventy-four acres of land running from the base of the West Maui mountains to the ocean at Olowalu, Maui.  This land once held a thriving, sustainable native Hawaiian Village and as such is rich in historical resources including numerous significant archaeological and cultural sites.  It has been set aside and designated as a Cultural Reserve for the purpose of a culturally sensitive “sanctuary” providing a glimpse into Hawaii’s past making it an ideal environment for programs aimed at restoring and revitalizing Hawaiian customs and practices.


  We welcome you and invite you to join us in rebuilding the ‘Ahupua’a at Lihau, Olowalu as we practice
the Hawaiian concept of Malama ‘aina and accept the kuleana for
the restoration, preservation and management of this
valuable cultural and educational resource.

 Waiwai -Water: Treasure

Ka Waiwai  O Kane I Luna I Lalo

The Treasures of Kane,
Above to Below:

It is Kane who adorns the heavens with stars; it is Kane who brings Life Giving Waters (Ka Wai Ola). 




Our Mission:

To perpetuate the traditional and customary practices of “kanaka maoli” of these Hawaiian islands and promote opportunities to regain the spiritual connection of “Malama ‘aina” of our ancestors by insuring these beliefs and customs are passed down to future generations.


Olowalu family and friends gather in strength and remain steadfast.
"Lokahi a ku'upa'a"
 Queen Lili'uokalani