Oluwalu Cultural Reserve

As a non-profit organization operating under a long term (99 year) lease agreement from land owners Olowalu Elua Associates, LLC, the Olowalu Cultural Reserve relies heavily upon grant funding, community support and volunteers, and private donations.  We are grateful for the support from the following individuals and businesses:

Olowalu Elua Associates, LLC.

Peter & Debbie Martin

Jim and Jeanne Riley

Ms. Rose Gummow

Atherton Family Foundation

Maui Cultural Lands

Bank of Hawaii

Fred Baldwin Memorial Foundation 

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Mayeda

Gary Robert, Atty At Law

Mr. Steven Newhouse

Mr. Bob Anderson

Walker Industries

Clifton Electric

American Electric

Endo Painting

A.C. Painting

Mr. David McCreight

In addition, we are grateful for numerous volunteers who have contributed countless hours of time and energy toward bringing the Olowalu Ahupua‘a back to life.

Mahalo nui loa.

Board of Directors:

  Albert C. Lagunero: President      Judge Boyd P. Mossman: Vice President     Dave Ward: Secretary/Treasurer


Wanda Pulama Collier
Noe Noe Marks Lindsey